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Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Initial Thoughts
| 2019-11-08

It’s Friday and you know that that means? Its time for another big Nintendo Exclusive and this week’s comes in the form of Mario and Sonic at the Olympics! Just the crew are back and are travelling to Tokyo for even more Olympic sports than ever before. I have fond memories of playing the original Mario and Sonic back on the Wii and to have them back, this time of the Switch, is really exciting for me! I heard a lot of mixed things before playing the game so I came into it with cautious expectations, hoping that I would be impressed with what I saw. So then, after playing the game for around half an hour and recording the Live First Play video you can watch below, what are my Initial Thoughts on the game? Let’s find out! Check out our Live Gameplay video below and keep scrolling for my thoughts:

My Mario and Sonic experience kicked off well with just a tiny day one patch which downloaded and installed in a matter of seconds. After this, I was thrown into an awesome intro cutscene and then progressed through to the games main menu. Everything seems in order in terms of the menu, its easy to see the gamemodes within the game and you can even see most of the events (barring a few which you need to unlock). There is an impressive list of Olympic events that you can play and this time around, this is bolstered by the inclusion of some classic modes too from the Tokyo 64 Olympics. These old school modes are a little basic, but they’re beautifully made and feature tonnes of nostalgia triggering elements. As for how the main game looks, its clearly not a first party title as characters move in some different ways than what you would expect from a Mario game. This is by no means bad, but it does feel a little different. Having said that, what I've seen so far has been pretty positive in terms of visuals. The game runs smoothly and the graphics are pretty crisp! As for gameplay, the events I played give you the basic controls and sort of let you experiment to find the rest which I quite like actually. Football is a mode I was very keen to try, and it seems alright to be fair. One of the main draws for me was Story mode and from what I've seen from that so far, I’m once again, pretty impressed. It doesn’t appear to be anything phenomenal, but it looks as though ill be able to play through and have a decent time trying out all of the events! Not bad so far then from the latest Switch Exclusive! Let me know your thoughts on the game down in the comments below and if you want to grab a copy, check out the link at the foot of this article! Make sure to keep it ShopTo for all the latest gaming news, reviews competitions and more.

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