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Red Dead Online Is Getting A New Frontier Pursuit Next Week
| 2019-12-03

The latest Red Dead Online update has been revealed this afternoon and it is set to bring a new Frontier Pursuit to the game, alongside some other content next Friday. Rockstar revealed that we will be able to realize our dreams and become a Moonshiner with the latest update! We will be able operate our own Moonshine business and work with the infamous Maggie Fike across a load of new story missions. These missions will see us take on rival operations and allow us to unlock new skills and open and customize our own underground bar. That literally sounds like the dream Western life! The possibility of not only brewing my own moonshine, but also serving it in my own, fully customized underground bar sounds amazing and I can’t wait to check it out when it drops next Friday!

“In an America not yet fully governed by law, opportunity abounds for the lawless - wild open space ready and waiting for the ruthless and ambitious to carve a new future for themselves. How better to make your fortune than to become a black-market Moonshiner, the all-new Frontier Pursuit coming to Red Dead Online on December 13th. Establish your own bootlegging business in this new Specialist Role – an ideal fit for players progressing along the Trader path or anyone seeking a property to call their own. Unlock unique role-specific skills as you perfect your distillation methods, avoid the law, and put rival peddlers out of business. If you’re lucky, you might survive long enough to open your own speakeasy.”

This update sounds awesome and it’s good to see Rockstar continuing support for their two, massive online titles! Are you excited for this new update? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Check out the link at the foot of this article to get your copy if you don’t have one yet and as always, make sure to keep it ShopTo for all the latest gaming news, reviews, competitions and more!

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