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ShopTo Blog Gaming Discussion 26/11/19 – Black Friday Week!
| 2019-11-26

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! The mad Black Friday week is upon us and that means that now is the best time to be buying games! With deals already live across the site, it’s worth taking a look at what we’ve got on offer as you never know, you might find that a game you’ve been waiting to pick up has a huge deal! Check out our Black Friday deals here. Moving on then, how are we all? I didn’t get a chance to do much gaming over the weekend, but I have been playing more Pokémon, and refining my skills on Rocket League recently and unfortunately, this week looks as though I won’t get much game time again either! I've got so many games to play and just no time to play them! The story of most gamers lives I’m sure! Anyway, in terms of gaming news, its all dried up a fair bit recently as publishers look to sell through as many existing titles as possible this Christmas. There have been mumblings of a possible GTA Update coming soon and Infinity Ward have been busy fixing their game but other than that, I haven’t really seen much else on social. We don’t even really have any releases this week so instead, we’ve got two throwback videos for you all to enjoy! I hope you all cringe as much as I did!

Throwback Videos

There we go then, a pretty quiet Discussion within what looks like a pretty quiet week, hopefully we get some gaming news to talk about but if not, next week should hopefully bring some more content to the Blog so keep an eye out for that! Have a great week everyone!

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HARRISON 2019-12-03 02:53
I missed ShopTos awesome deal on PS+ for 12 months as the games have not been worth it since they dropped PS3 (and Vita). If Jan games are awesome then I may sub Jan 6th and pick up Dec, Jan and Feb games with one months subcription. It is also possible to do, (subscribe a day before the Tue) for Feb, Apr or May too, and get 3 months of games, so if Jan games are not worth it then I could sub a month in Feb. Dec Ps+ games are so so, I have not got them on PS4 so could get them if Jan is good. Gold games in Dec is awesome with Jurassic Park, I have the 360 games already