Downloads are an easy and fast way to get your hands on some fantastic PC games. Instead of receiving a physical copy of your game in the post you download the game directly to your computer. This gives you the ability to play games almost immediately after purchase! We offer a download option for a selection of our existing PC games, in addition to a new range of download exclusive titles, giving you a great set of games to choose from.
How do I buy a download?
Purchasing a download is very similar to making a purchase of any other item we sell on our website. Please follow these steps below:
  • Search for the item you are looking to download
  • When you have found the item you would like, click the download button, which will add the item to your basket.
  • Once you have finished shopping click the basket icon and complete the checkout process.
  • Your credit / debit card will be required to be 3-D Secure to complete the checkout process. If you are a silver or gold member though we will also accept PayPal.
  • After confirmation of purchase you will be able to find full information regarding your download in the orders section of your account.
How do I know if the game will run on my computer?
Before purchase you will be able to find the system requirements on the products description page. Please make sure your computer meets these requirements before proceeding to checkout. cannot be held responsible for a game not working due to your system not meeting the necessary system requirements of the game.
I am downloading an expansion pack for a game; will I need the original game to play it?
You will be required to have the original game already installed on your computer to install and play the expansion pack. This can sometimes not be necessary but this would be clearly advised on the products description.
I want to pay with another payment option, but I am only given the option to pay with PayPay, why?
Due to the very strict security checks that we have in relation to the purchase of downloadable items, we currently require payments to be made through PayPal. Even though this may change in the future, we have no plans to include other payment options for digital items as for now.
Will my order be activated through STEAM, EA Origin or will it be a direct download?
Information on how this item will be downloaded will be advised on the products description page, in system requirements.
How long will it take to download?
Depending on your internet connection and the file size this time will vary.
I am having a problem installing or running my download, what should I do?
If you are having trouble installing or running the game, please try to contact the publisher or developer. They will be able to provide technical advice and should be able to assist with a resolution. If unfortunately they are unable to help, please contact us through your account right away.
My download has failed, what should I do?
If your downloader has crashed or failed for any reason you will be able to restart the download through your ShopTo account. If you login to your account and navigate back to your orders section, you will be able to begin the download again.
How do I cancel my download purchase?
You cannot cancel your purchase of a game or software download once delivery has started. 
Games and software downloads ordered are not returnable.
I have installed and activated my serial key for my download, can I still cancel it?
In a situation like this a cancellation cannot be issued easily. Not all publishers would allow a download to be cancelled if the serial key has already been activated. By following the steps in ‘How do I cancel my download purchase?’ we will contact the publisher for you. If the publisher will not cancel the download we unfortunately will not be able to offer a refund.
I live outside the UK. Can I buy a downloadable item?
PlayStation Network (PSN) voucher codes are redeemable only by users holding a PSN account registered in the United Kingdom.

Nintendo digital codes are redeemable on consoles with European Nintendo Accounts and in Countries where Nintendo eShop is available. You can find the list of those countries here.