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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe Edition Xbox Series X|S download

Deluxe Edition includes the game, 3 cosmetic bundles, XP boosters, and more.

For decades, Team Rainbow has been the shield against the worst global threats imaginable. Now, we face the greatest terror ever: a lethal, mutating alien invasion. You will need to constantly adapt your strategy to stay ahead.
Squad up in a 1- to 3-player co-op FPS
90 weapons and gadgets, 18 customizable operators, 12 large-scale maps, 13 mission types, 13 enemy archetypes, and free post-launch content
Master 4 adjustable difficulty levels, a ranked mode, and a deep progression system. Level up each operator’s abilities in new ways. Earn new weapons, lore, and cosmetics
Full cross-play support
Rainbow Six® Siege Players: Instantly unlock 4 Epic gearsets

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File Size: 45 GB

Visual Support:
4K Ultra HD
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Team Rainbow faces the greatest terror yet: a lethal, mutating alien parasite. Includes the game, 3 EXCLUSIVE Epic gearsets, & XP boosters for this 1- to 3-player co-op FPS. Plus Buddy Pass: Invite 2 friends to play with you for FREE for 14 days

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