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Disciples: Liberation Soundtrack PC Download

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Nevendaar awaits your return! Join Avyanna in her perilous journey across the world, from the ice-covered peaks of the Whitelands to the mist shrouded swamps of the Undead. The original score for Disciples: Liberation features 21 songs composed and produced by Stephane Arseneault. Tracks 13 and 19 composed by Jason Letourneau. Track 14 composed by Jean-Philippe Cote. Track 21 composed by Stéphane Arseneault, Jean-Philippe Cote and Jason Letourneau.
1 Disciples Liberation MainTheme 3:59
2 A Home and Hope for All 2:57
3 Ancient Vaults and Old Secrets 3:00
4 Realm of Faith 3:00
5 Blood-soaked Swamps 3:00
6 Travelling the Whitelands 3:01
7 Fire and Brimstone 3:00
8 The Forming of the World 1:37
9 Minstrel's Musings 2:45
10 Shadowed Halls that Time forgot 1:36
11 In Death Unbowed 3:18
12 On the Eve of Bloodshed 3:00
13 Trial by Blade and Spell 2:48
14 Faith and Fire 3:01
15 The Highfather' s Might 3:00
16 Fight with Fangs and Claws 3:00
17 The Dance of Blades 3:01
18 Fury Unleasehd 3:00
19 Queen of the Undead 3:00
20 Spoils of Victory 1:49
21 Bonus - The Liberator s Journey 3:13
ARTIST Stéphane Arseneault
COMPOSER: Stéphane Arseneault
LABEL Kalypso Media
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