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Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms - Official Soundtrack PC Download

This is the official soundtrack of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms written and composed by Dynamedion. The main theme as well as the trailer theme were recorded exclusively by the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra in Hungaria.

Track List:
01. Introduction
02. Between the Roots of the Cosmic Tree
03. Broken Spear Pass
04. Darmok's Last Fight
05. Meeting Nomads
06. Deep Crypts
07. Entering Kyallisar
08. In the Fighter Guild
09. In the Taymurian Wilds
10. Taymurian Conclave
11. Test of Will
12. Main Theme
13. Prologue
14. Souls of the Devourer
15. Travelling through the Jagged Peaks Mountains
16. Through the Gates of Dura'Tyr
17. Visiting the Civil Mage
18. Walk in the Outlands
19. Walking through the Fortress of the Fallen Eagle
20. Entering the Tree of the Worlds
21. Launch Trailer
New tracks:
22 - Oasis - Bonus Track
23 - Imperial Tombs Legacy - Bonus Track
24 - Barbicans of Thole - Bonus Track
25 - Boss Fight - Bonus Track
26 - Sacred Tombs - Bonus Track
27 - Darkness of KogoogAak - Bonus Track
Shadows is an Action-RPG set in a fantastic world where demons walk the thin line between life and death, determining the fate of the world.
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