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Spacebase Startopia - Original Soundtrack PC Download

Steam account is required for game activation and installation.
This is additional content for Spacebase Startopia, but does not include the base game.
Want to enjoy some funky tunes while taking a break from space station management or going for a walk on the milkyway? The official Spacebase Startopia Soundtrack is the soundtrack you are looking for.
1 Menu Theme - Welcome On Board 1:56
2 Dryads Welcome 3:32
3 Mighty Alien Drilling Machine 2:08
4 Fuzzy Logic 3:30
5 Pick Up Lines 2:37
6 Slap Me With That Asteroid Belt 2:12
7 Plants In Outer Space 3:00
8 Connected Data 3:17
9 Update In Progress 3:01
10 We Can't Dance 2:10
11 Dancing Bugs 2:47
12 Drone Police 0:36
13 To Protect And Serve 1:30
14 Drones On Steroids 1:42
15 Space Landscaper 2:28
16 Signal Transmission 2:37
17 Parabolero 3:00
18 Jump To Hyperspace 3:47
19 Mechs On The Beach 3:27
20 Standby 1:04
ARTIST: Audinity
OTHER CREDITS: Kalypso Media
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  • Storage: 80 MB available space

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