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PowerDirector 21 Ultra PC Download

Professional Grade Video Editing
Tell your story the way you imagined with intuitive editing tools that will help you create professional level edits effortlessly.
AI Object Detection With Video Effects NEW
Automatically apply masks around people or objects to add effects.
AI Motion Tracking NEW
Create text and VFX that smoothly follow the motion of cars, people, or even the camera itself.
Video Intro Designer NEW
Discover and create attention-grabbing video intros alongside our community of creatives.
Easily create and share viral animated GIFs.
Green Screen Editing
Create Hollywood-style green screen effects with an improved chroma key engine and multi-key color sampling.
Transitions and Visual Effects ENHANCED
Seamlessly connect shots with a variety of styles.
Visual Effects
Transform scenes with hundreds of drag and drop special effects.'
Action Camera Center
Apply preset lens corrections, remove fisheye distortion, or smooth out unwanted camera shake.
Create Stop-Motion Effects
Zoom, Freeze & Reverse
Apply Slow Motion to Clips
Correct Color Distortion​​​​​​​

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Operating System:

Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64 bit OS only)
*Windows 11 or 10 required for AI tools and features

Processor (CPU):

Intel Core™ i-series and above.
Haswell (4th generation) processor: Core i7-4770 (only Core and Xeon branded), and above required for AI features.
AMD Phenom® II and above.
AMD A8-7670K and above, AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200 and above required for AI features.

Graphics Processor (GPU):
Standard Video: 
128 MB VGA VRAM or higher
360-video: DirectX 11 compatible
AI Plugin: 2GB VGA VRAM or higher
NVIDIA Audio/Video Denoise and Room Echo Removal: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000, NVIDIA TITAN RTX, or higher.

4GB required (6GB or above recommended)
8GB or higher required for NVIDIA Audio/Video Denoise and Room Echo Removal??Hard Disk Space
7GB required

Burning Drive
Supported recordable drive is required for disc burning

Sound Card
Windows compatible sound card is required

Internet Connection
Internet connection also required for initial software & file formats activation and online services.

Screen Resolution
1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above

Format Support:
Video File Importing 

  • H.265/HEVC     
  • MOD
  • MVC (MTS)     
  • MOV (H.264/alpha PNG/ProRes 4:2:2 [Ultimate only])
  • MPEG-1    
  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4 AVC (H.264)
  • FLV (H.264)     
  • MP4 (XAVC S)
  • MKV (multiple audio streams)
  • TOD
  • 3GPP2     
  • VOB
  • AVCHD (M2T, MTS) 
  • DVR-MS
  • Top-under Video
  • Dual-Stream AVI 
  • WTV in H.264/MPEG2 (multiple video and audio streams)
  • DV-AVI 
  • DSLR video clip in H.264 format with LPCM/AAC/ Dolby Digital audio*
  • VRO
  • AVI 
  • WMV
  • DAT 
  • WMV-HD
  • WebM (VP9)
  • HDR (HEVC&VP9 HDR10 & HLG) (Ultimate only)
  • MXF (AVC 4:2:0) (Ultimate only)
  • XAVC (4:2:0) (Ultimate only)
  • V210 4:2:2
  • Side-by-Side Video 

360° Video 
Equirectangular format MP4 (H.264/265). Supports up to 4K resolution in 2:1 aspect ratio.

Audio Importing
Format: AAC, Dolby Digital*, Dolby Digital Plus*, WAVE, MPEG-1 Layer III, FLAC, ALAC, ADPCM                                                                          
*Windows 8/8.1/10/11  OS is required.

Video File Exporting (Production)

  • High-Definition: AVCHD, AVCHD 2.0 (3D/ Progressive) MPEG-2 HD, WMV-HD
  • 2K/4K resolution: H.264 AVC, WMV, H.265 HEVC, XAVC S
  • MKV H.264 AVC/H. 265 HEVC (.MKV) with LPCM/AAC/5.1 Dolby Digital Audio*
  • M2TS H.264 AVC/H.265 HEVC (.M2TS) with LPCM /Dolby Digital Stereo*
  • MPEG-2 (.MPG) with LPCM /Dolby Digital Stereo*
  • XAVC S (.MP4 with AAC Stereo/5.1 audio)
  • Windows Media (.WMV)
  • DV-AVI, Windows AVI (.AVI)
  • AVCHD2.0 for SD/SDHC/SDXC/MS memory card or flash memory
  • 3GPP2 for 3G mobile phones
  • 3D Video: MVC, Side-by-Side, Anaglyph
  • Image (Animated GIF/PNG, Image Sequence JPG/PNG)
  • 360 Video: Equirectangular format MP4 (H.264 AVC/H.265 HEVC)
  • MPEG-4 H.264 AVC/ H.265 HEVC (.MP4) with LPCM//Dolby Digital Stereo*

Audio File Exporting (Production)

  • AAC (.M4A),  WMA, LPCM (.WAV)

Formats Supported for Disc Creation

  • 3D Disc Burning: DVD/AVCHD/BD
  • DVD
  • BD Burning: BDMV 
  • AVCHD disc burning
  • DVD & BD disc burning with LPCM 2ch

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