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Escape Academy: Escape From the Past PC Download

Visit the Escape Academy of old in this mystery whodunnit, Escape from the Past!
Visit the Escape Academy of yesteryear in Escape from the Past. This prequel DLC (included in the Escape Academy Season Pass) puts players in control of Sandra Solange and Eel Barnes all the way back when they began their journey as students at the Academy!

After a harrowing "accident" at an Academy sporting event nearly results in the death of Headmaster Horatio Windsor, he becomes certain that one of his faculty members is trying to MURDER HIM! Convinced that the murderer has eyes everywhere, he enlists Sandra and Eel as his undercover agents to investigate each of the suspected teachers.

As the "accidents" keep piling up, players must successfully navigate (and survive!) five, all new rooms while piecing together clues to deduce the would-be killer’s identity. It's an Escape Academy whodunnit!

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Steam account is required for game activation and installation.
This content requires the base game Escape Academy on Steam in order to play.

Windows Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

Unavailable in these countries: AF, BY, CU, IR, KP, MM, RU, SD, SY, UA, VE, YE, ZW, SS, and SS