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Form alliances or fight against other players to remain among the living, surviving in the zombie-infested ruins of modern-day society. Scavenge for clothes, weapons, food, and supplies, and craft resources to create your equipment, all while avoiding zombies and other players. Explore vast sandbox maps and fortify your stronghold: zombies are not the only menace...
UNTURNED   is an open-world survival sandbox where you assume the role of a survivor in   the zombie-infested ruins of modern-day society and must work with your   friends and forge alliances to remain among the living. Find weapons and supplies to survive   against the zombies and gain experience points which can be used for upgrades   while you progress through the game.

You can scavenge for clothes, weapons, food, and supplies, all while   avoiding zombies and other players. You can also gather and craft resources   (wood, metal, etc.) to create a stronghold, defenses, etc.

Explore the maps and find what you are looking for: every resource will be   useful to keep you alive and to create the necessary equipment to defend you   and fight zombies and other players. There's a huge variety of available   items, weapons, and vehicles (airplanes, cars, tanks...): find out what might   be suitable for your game strategies!

As you progress through the game, wiping out zombies helps to earn   experience points, useful for upgrades and increasing your skills in three   categories: Offense, Defense and Support.

Survive online and battle together with up to 24 friends thanks to   dedicated servers or share the adventure at home in split-screen   multiplayer!


Massive maps - explore up to 8 sandbox maps by traveling by land, air,   and sea
Craft - create your equipment and structures from supplies you   collect
Power up - upgrade skills in three categories: Offense,   Defense, Support
Customize - avatars can be fully cosmetically personalized
Multiplayer - brave zombies and other foes alone or team up with   friends
Compete or ally - attempt to form   alliances with other players or take out all competition 

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File Size: 5.1 GB

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