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Paquerette Down the Bunburrows - Soundtrack PC Download

Herbie Puppy's *bips* and *boops* to set the mood for intensive bunny-catching~

1  White Floof  1:55
2  Birdy Forest  0:39
3  The Bunny Hole  4:17
4  The Bunny Hole (chill ver.)  4:17
5  Sea Bunnies  4:48
6  Munchy, Crunchy Buns  3:41
7  Munchy, Crunchy Buns (chill ver.)  3:41
8  Now you're thinking with Bunnies  3:02
9  Now you're thinking with Bunnies (chill ver.)  3:02
10  Deeper and Deeper  3:10
11  Deeper and Deeper (chill ver.)  3:10
12  The Word of Bun  2:48
13  Searing Buns, Melting Brains  2:15
14  Searing Buns, Melting Brains (chill ver.)  2:15
15  Radiant Bun  2:48
16  Familiar Thoughts of Melting Deep Sea Holes  3:07
17  A Familiar Shop (bonus track)  2:23

ARTIST:Herbie Puppy
COMPOSER:Herbie Puppy

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  • Storage: 60 MB available space
  • Storage (high-quality audio): Additional 200 MB available space

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