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Cities in Motion: Ulm
Steam Works

- Explore Ulm as you have never seen it before
- Ulm is the next city as chosen by our fans!
- Build your mass transit empire in the sandbox set from 1970’s to 2030
- Experience a real-time city and traffic simulator as each location's bustling population commutes between their homes, jobs, and leisure sites
- Feel the new mood of the visuals and music

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Ulm is a quaint, idyllic German city best known as the birthplace of physicist Albert Einstein. Despite its’ small size, Ulm requires the updated and encompassing transportation network its’ citizens deserve. In this condensed environment, careful planning and slow expansion are the keys to success. Are you up to the challenge?
The Ulm expansion includes a new city with an additional scenario and a unique landmark from this fascinatingly iconic German landscape.

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