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Kathy Rain: Director's Cut
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- Original Kathy Rain Features:
Compelling narrative with an eerie plot set in the '90s
Gorgeous pixel art displayed in 40+ hand-drawn environments
4,000+ lines of fully voiced dialogue directed by Wadjet Eye Games' Dave Gilbert
Atmospheric original soundtrack

- Director's Cut Introduces:
Extended storyline, including a longer and more satisfying ending and 700+ new lines of dialogue with the original cast
Several new areas to explore with unique puzzles to solve
Streamlined controls with a single-click mouse interface and controller support
Enlarged all game environments for widescreen without black bars on the sides
Extra character animations, improved lighting/shadows and better weather effects
Remixed and expanded soundtrack
Five brand new motorcycle designs to unlock

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Kathy Rain: Director's Cut is a re-imagining of the classic 2016 point-and-click detective mystery set in the '90s.

In this investigative thriller, you will do things like:
Collect clues and make deductions
Analyze evidence
Interrogate suspects
Solve cryptic puzzles

All while moving from location to location on your sweet hog and getting into all sorts of trouble!

Kathy is a strong-willed journalism major who must come to terms with her troubled past as she investigates the mysterious death of her recently departed grandfather.

Armed with her motorcycle, a pack of cigs, and a notepad, Kathy delves into a local mystery surrounding her hometown that will take her on a harrowing journey of emotional and personal turmoil.

As she follows a trail of clues left by her grandfather, questions emerge: What was Joseph Rain really looking for that night all those years ago? What turned him into a mere shell of a man, confined to a wheelchair? What secret did a suicidal young artist take with her to the grave, and why are so many people in Conwell Springs going mad? The truth is dark, sinister, and yours to uncover…

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