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Train Simulator: Norddeutsche-Bahn: Kiel – Lübeck
Steam Works


ESRB: E (Everyone)





- 80 km route from Kiel Hbf to Lübeck Hbf
- Unelectrified, single-track operations
- DB BR 648 in DB Regio livery
- DB BR 218 in DB Traffic Red livery
- DB BR 261 in DB Traffic Red livery
- DABpbzkfa Control Car in DB Regio livery
- DABpza, DBdpza & DBpza Doppelstock coaches in DB Regio livery
- Avmz & Bimz coaches in DB Intercity livery
- Rnoos 644 & Zacns 95m freight wagons
- 7 Career and 2 Railfan Mode scenarios
- Quick Drive compatible
- Download Size: 1.0GB

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Scenic regional operations come to life with the picturesque Kiel - Lübeck railway for Train Simulator!

The earliest sections of the line were opened in 1866, in an effort to link communities of Holstein with the Baltic ports, however rails wouldn’t reach Lübeck until 1873, after the founding of the German Empire.

Once fully opened, the railway was operated by multiple companies, primarily transporting passengers who were visiting the stunning locations of the region. By the 1930s, journey times across the route averaged in at 150 minutes, with the D-Zug express getting that down to 95. Today, regional services can traverse the line in a little over an hour.

Unlike many popular routes throughout Germany, the Kiel-Lübeck railway remains unelectrified to this day, and is mostly single-track, meaning it is a haven of diesel operations and features passing loops at various stations across the route.

In Train Simulator, the 80 km Kiel-Lübeck railway will allow you to experience Schleswig-Holstein at its scenic best, aboard hard-working traction such as the DB BR 648 DMU and DB BR 218 diesel locomotive, taking passengers across stunning vistas and through the heart of forested plains.

*Included Scenarios*
A selection of engaging Career and 2 Railfan Mode scenarios are included:

[648] 1. A Winter's Return (Part 1)
[648] 2. A Winter's Return (Part 2)
[648] 3. A Winter's Return (Part 3)
[218] 4. Summer Slip (Part 1)
[218] 5. Summer Slip (Part 2)
[648] 6. The Lonely Wonderer
[218] 7. Wintery Lake
[Railfan Mode] Kiel
[Railfan Mode] Plön

More scenarios are available on the Steam Workshop online and in-game. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now!

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