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KeyWe - The 100th Annual Grand Ol' Telepost Tourna
Steam Works

Race Into a New Game Mode!
Jump into the new Telepost Tournament and conquer all obstacles between you and your promotion to Postmaster! Climb treacherous cliffs, delve into dark diamond mines, feed hungry crocodiles, and much more!
Experience Unique Environments!
Prove you have what it takes to deliver mail across any terrain, with courses themed after Bungalow Basin locales! Trek through the lush pastures of Gumtree Grove, brave the harsh deserts of Painted Cliffs, and paddle through the winding waterways of Lake Bessy!
Complete challenges, earn new rewards!
Want an extra challenge? Activate additional objectives throughout the levels, and conquer them to earn extra rewards! And hang out with Herbert. He's a kiwi fruit wearing sunglasses.
Gold Medal Glamour!
Outfit your Wardrobe with new wearables! Embrace a pirate’s life, lace up your running shoes, show off your muscles with kiwi-sized arms, and more! Jeff and Debra are still the best-dressed birds in the Basin.

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New DLC available!

Postal pros Jeff and Debra have proven themselves indispensable members of the Telepost workforce, and now they’re looking to ascend to the rank of Postmasters! But first, they must conquer the annual Telepost Tournament - a racing competition built to test would-be Postmasters. Do you have what it takes to tackle this Bungalow Basin tradition?
Part obstacle course, part athletic decathlon, the tournament will test Jeff and Debra’s cooperation, quick thinking, speed, and their ability to keep calm under pressure! Overcome obstacles and earn plenty of rewards on your journey to Postmasters! Of course you’ll also encounter familiar faces, like Zoey, Buck, and the cassowary team, all cheering for our hardworking kiwis (as well as administering some challenges!)

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