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Advanced Secure 4-PORT DVI-I KVM W/AUD and CAC support

Belkin F1DN104C-3EA. Keyboard port type: USB, PS/2, Mouse port type: USB, PS/2, Video port type: VGA/DVI-I. HD type: 4K Ultra HD, Maximum resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels, Video bandwidth: 30 Hz. Product colour: Black, Certification: FCC Class B, CE, UL, ICES. Power source: AC, AC input voltage: 100 - 240 V, AC input frequency: 60 Hz. Width: 44.2 mm, Depth: 320 mm, Height: 157.5 mm
Belkin's Secure DVI-I KVM Switches provide superior security and data protection by providing true data path isolation between systems and networks. They are fully compatible with legacy and new government systems and meet Common Criteria security requirements.

Belkin Secure DVI-I KVMs are designed, manufactured and certified to the latest NIAP Protection Profile Ver. 3.0 standard. The latest NIAP Protection Profile ensures agencies are receiving superior protection for keyboards, pointing devices, displays and audio. Using unidirectional data paths with optical diodes, they prevent peripherals from being used to leak information from one computer system to another.

Additional security is provided through the end-to-end tamper-proof system that prevents physical tampering, and the intuitive user interface reduces user-switching errors by providing clear identification.

The Belkin Secure DVI-I KVM Switch; 4-Port Plus features support for a peripheral CAC reader and supports up to four computers.

Expect the best compatibility out-of-the-gate with a Secure KVM solution that's designed and vigorously tested to work seamlessly with common systems and peripherals used by the defense and intelligence community.

- Support for up to four host computers
- Intelligent common access card (CAC) switching: Prevents unwanted system log-off while switching ports
- Dedicated processors with emulators for every port: Isolated port paths for video, audio, and peripherals prevent data leaks between computers
- Unidirectional data paths: Optical data diodes prevent peripherals from being used to breach systems
- Display security: Protected display interface prevents data leakage via the monitor
- Peripheral management: USB device detection prevents unauthorized peripheral usage
- Anti-tampering: Internal electrical sensors render unit inoperable if opened
- Multi-platform support: Supports cross-platform systems, including DVI-D, DVI-I, and VGA video interface technologies with Belkin Smart Cables

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