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Judge Dredd: Judge Anderson

One of Psi Division’s greatest stars is Cassandra Anderson.

This box contains: 
2 judge Anderson miniatures 
1 Lawmaster bike 
2 Character cards 
1 Armoury card: Psi Defences 
1 Big Meg card: Holding Post

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She specialises in the fields of telepathy and precognition, where she has few peers. Born in 2080 Anderson is probably as far removed from Dredd’s ideal of what a Judge should be as can be imagined. She is an outspoken critic of many aspects of the Justice Department, displays her emotions, and has empathy for others. Particularly irritating to Dredd and the Justice Department’s rather strait‐laced leadership is her flippant, joking demeanour and ability to interact with other Judges on an informal level. Despite all that when the safety of Mega‐City One is threatened she is uncompromising and prepared to use both lethal psychic and physical force against any threats. This aspect of Anderson is respected by Dredd, and they have teamed up on numerous occasions. 

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