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The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Adventurer Allies

The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Adventurer Allies - Fight for Skyrim, for wealth, glory and fame with this expansion into your Adventurer powers. LYDIA supports her death with a sword and shield, while the honorable Harjo repays his debt to protect his relatives. The ORC BARBARIAN attacks the battle alongside you as the burly KHAJIIT bandit rushes forward to kill – while simultaneously being supported from afar by the BRETON RANGER.

This set contains five 32mm scale high-quality polymer resin miniatures with bases. It requires some assembly. It is provided unpainted.

1 x Lydia, Dragonsreach Housecarl; 1 x Kharjo, Caravan Guard; 1 x Orc Barbarian with 2-hand axe
1 x Khajiit Bandit with sword and knife; 1x Breton Ranger with bow; 5 x Graphic stands

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