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The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Imperial Officers

The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Imperial Officers - Long live the Empire! GENERAL TULLIUS is a central lynchpin and rallying point for the legion, whist LEGATE RIKKE brings her tactical expertise to the battlefield, making Imperial troops ready for anything. Imperial troops are further bolstered by the healing powers of the PRIESTESS OF ARKAY and the fearsome IMPERIAL HEADSMAN dispenses justice. The IMPERIAL CAPTAIN holds the line and helps her troops strike down the Empire’s enemies.

This set contains five 32mm scale high quality multi-part resin miniatures with scenic resin bases. Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted. Contents may vary.

1 x General Tullius, Imperial Governor; 1 x Legate Rikke, Chief Legate; 1 x Priestess of Arkay, Devout Healer
1 x Imperial Headsman, Grim Executioner; 1 x Imperial Captain, Garrison Commander; 5 x Scenic Bases


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