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Afterimage: Deluxe Edition

Age 16
Afterimage is a hand-drawn 2D action adventure that emphasizes fast-paced combat with diversified character builds, non-linear levels, and a gripping storyline set in the ruins of a fantasy world. Years after the cataclysm called “The Razing” nearly brought an end to human civilization, an amnesiac girl named Renee awakens among the ruins of the city’s capital. To recover her lost memories, she embarks on a journey to rescue her mentor, inexplicably setting into motion a series of events that will determine the fate of the new world.

Explore a non-linear world - unearth the secrets buried deep within the ruins of the vast interconnected world of Engardin. Interact with over 50 different NPCs, each with their own story and purpose. Learn more about their role in Engardin through side quests! Fight over 170 varieties of enemies, including 30 tough boss encounters. Deep RPG mechanics allow for diverse character builds.

The Deluxe Edition includes: base game, digital artbook, digital soundtrack, and a reversible cover sheet.

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