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Release Date: 11-10-2024
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Battle of Rebels - PlayStation 4

Age 18

Battle of Rebels plays to your strengths and gives you the freedom to do more and be more while carving your own path to victory. Gather supplies and defeat your opponents. In the single player, a Virus spreads on the earth after the Aliens invaded the earth, and nations are struggling to defend it. United armies from all over the world were formed to stop the invasion but in vain. Aliens are much more advanced. State-of-the-art technology enabled them to clone humans! We are no longer aware of who we are fighting against! Humans?

Play in either First or Third-Person perspective. Single-Player Campaign mode has hours of gameplay across 5 levels. Play with anyone anywhere in the world, on any version, in the cross-platform multiplayer mode where you can battle it out in a 2 x 2 arena. Drive tanks, control drones, and more! Massive arsenal of weaponry to choose from. Beautiful scenery, in up to stunning 4K. Winner of the Unreal Florida Game Competition.

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