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Beyond Enemy Lines 2 Enhanced Edition

Age 12

Take the role of a special agent deployed deep beyond enemy lines where terrain and conditions are barbaric. You will seek, locate and destroy the enemy while causing havoc and confusion. Emerge a hardcore tactical experience in vast, nonlinear missions where skill and tactical decisions matter!

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  • 4 Campaigns with an overall playtime of 30h.
  • Large, open ended and nonlinear missions.
  • Huge replayability due to unscripted and dynamic AI - each playthrough is different.
  • Detailed Mission Ratings of your achievements after each mission.
  • Over 20 different Weapons ranging from Pistols over Assault Rifles to Light Machine Guns.
  • 9 Unique attachments to customise the weapons to your needs.
  • Drivable vehicles to cross the large battlefields.

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