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Classic Racers Elite

Age 3

Classic Racers Elite is a racing game that disrupts the habits of the genre. No car customization (except a livery change). No car setup tuning. No social features. No open worlds. Just back to the basics! Its unique with the simple goal, "Fun"! Retrieve the feeling of racing to score the best time on the leaderboards of the many tracks available. Feel the sensations of having a monstrous car that wants your wife to be a widow. Enjoy the era of iconic cars and drive them brutally to get the best of them. Be the first on the worldwide leaderboards. Gameplay time for 100% completion is estimated at around 4 hours. A big replayability potential with online leaderboards.

Featuring SimCade physic engine for a real car feeling but with a simple approach and control, 4 car categories, from micro cars to F1, Drive the iconic cars from the 60s, 12 Championships, 17 Unique locations for a total of 50 tracks and much, much more

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