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Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator - PlayStation 4

Age 3
Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator - Using appropriate gardening techniques and your creativity, bring an abandoned plot back to life, and experience the joy and peace that cultivating your own garden brings.

Using the grid free placement, sow the seeds of your choice and use decorative elements to bring your designs to life. Through the procedural growth simulation technology developed specifically for Garden Life, every plant is unique and adapts to their environment.
Take care of your seedlings by identifying their individual care requirements; water, fertilise, and clip your plants to maintain their natural beauty and nurture them to health. Unlock your creativity by breeding beautiful variations and discover the full potential of each plant. Help your friendly neighbours by fulfilling their gardening requests and receive rewards such as new plant varieties, tools, and decorations. After a busy day, unwind and experience the calming ambiance of your garden in a soothing world with relaxing sights and sounds.

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