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Meteoheroes: Saving Planet Earth!

Age 3
If you like platform and adventure games, get ready to enjoy Meteoheroes. Fight for a clean and safe planet and take the six superhero kids to their final destination, where they will have to face the fearsome Doctor Makina and the Maculans

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  • Save Planet Earth: Visit 9 amazing places on our planet until they reach their final destination and a showdown with their fearsome arch enemies.
  • Unique Weather-Controlling Powers: Use the powers of each of the 6 Meteoheroes to overcome the different dangers and defeat the Maculans.
  • Fun for Children of all Ages: Get ready for a fun-filled action platform game in which you must find the hidden items that will help you clean up every city.
  • Together We are Stronger: Play as two different Meteoheroes in each mission just like in the TV series.

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