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Nascar 21: Ignition

Age 3
Rise Like a Legend.  Experience The Thrill.  …3…2…1…Ignition!

Experience the thrill and atmosphere of the NASCAR Cup Series with official cars, drivers, ands tracks from the 2021 season. Players will feel like they are in the NASCAR Cup Series garage area and on pit road before each session. With voiceover from MRN Radio and 23XI Racing’s Freddie Kraft. Celebrate your victories with your crew in the victory lane sequence. Showcasing the high fidelity scanned NASCAR cup series drivers and accurately modelled event trophies.

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Experience the thrill and atmosphere of the NASCAR Cup Series

Race Online with other players for fun or competitively.

Immersive Career Mode where you can create your NASCAR legacy.

Enhanced Graphics: Utilizing the Unreal Engine, NASCAR 21: Ignition allows players to experience the thrill and atmosphere of the NASCAR Cup Series.

All-New Physics & Dynamic AI: With Studio 397’s highly-acclaimed rFactor physics engine, dynamic AI, and more in-depth racing, players will have a gaming experience unlike any before in a NASCAR title.  True to life vehicle physics and handling with a suite of driver assists available.  
New Paint Booth: A brand-new Paint Booth offers an unrivalled level of customization allowing you to create your own NASCAR Cup Series paint scheme complete with your own iconic race number.

All The Tracks: Official racetracks featured in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, including the Circuit of the Americas, Daytona Road Course, and Nashville Superspeedway.  Plus a fully curated soundtrack with artists such as MGK, Imagine Dragons, Aerosmith, Luke Combs and more.