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Shinorubi - PlayStation 4

Age 7

Shinorubi - Access to precious raw materials have been the cause of armed conflicts for thousands of years. And what could very well be the greatest material of them all, a compound simply called “R-R”, can only be found on one planet. That planet is Shinorubi. “R-R” grants whoever manages to get his hands on it great power as well as exceptional longevity. That pure energy can be used for good as well as for bad. And for a thousand years, the BAÄA family has ruthlessly ruled over Shinorubi and kept “R-R” to itself. To maintain the status quo, King R.LOYD III has entrusted the protection of the kingdom to his only daughter NEMESIS BAÄA. She leads a team of 5 Generals who will protect the royal family’s interests by any means necessary.

All hope isn’t lost though. A legend says that the King’s supposedly inviolable sanctuary will open on the solstice happening on the 1000th year anniversary of his family’s reign. And that a team of 8 rebellious former members of his army will try to use this unique opportunity to finally seize “R-R” and put an end to the madness. You are one of those rebels.

8 Pilots, 8 play styles; Multiple difficulty settings; Arrange modes and score multipliers; Frenetic bullet hell-type action; Colourful graphics.

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