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Trolls Remix Rescue - PlayStation 4

Age 3
Trolls Remix Rescue - Play as Poppy, Branch and more of your favorite DreamWorks Trolls! Explore, smash, dance and battle your way towards rescuing the Troll Kingdom from a melodic mastermind who’s trying to alter the Trolls’ musical harmony!

Choose from your favorite Trolls including Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond and more as you explore and journey through Troll Kingdom in a quest to save it! Perform ‘Hair-Jitsu’ to whip your hair at enemies, twirl your hair to float like a helicopter, and use your hair to grab, carry, push, pull, throw, and smash objects along your quest. Compete in rhythm-based mini-games and solve fun and challenging environmental puzzles to unlock special items or new abilities. The game soundtrack features music from DreamWorks Animation's Trolls film franchise, such as: Get Back Up Again, Hair Up and more!

Explore the wonders of your favorite Trolls kingdoms from Poppy & Branch’s Pop Village, Barb’s Volcano Rock City, Cooper’s Mothership City, and more!

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