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Fortnite - Transformers Pack - PlayStation 5

Age 12
Fortnite - Transformers Pack - Roll out, Rise up or Beep Beep with the Transformers Pack!
Includes 3 Outfits, 3 Back Blings, 3 Pickaxes, 2 Emotes and 1,000 V-Bucks! Create, play, and battle with friends for free in Fortnite. Explore concerts, live events, games, and more or be the last player standing in battle royale and zero build.

Contents included in this pack:
Megatron Outfit; Decepticon Emblem Back Bling; Energon Mace Pickaxe; Fusion Cannon Emote; Bumblebee Outfit; Bumblebee's Wings Back Bling; Stinger Sword Pickaxe; Battle Ready Emote; BattleBus Outfit; Bot Air Balloon Back Bling; Pick Axle Pickaxe + 1,000 V-Bucks!

*Add-on game content only; delivered in-game with redemption code. Requires free download of Fortnite.  Internet connection required to access downloadable content. Expires 10/14/2032.  Disc/Cartridge not included.

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