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Formula Retro Racing World Tour Special Edition - PlayStation 5 + Exclusive Tracks

Age 3

Formula Retro Racing World Tour fuses the pick-up-and-play simplicity of 90s-style arcade racing with realistic handling and modern features. Race through iconic global locations, compete against other drivers and try to beat your own lap times.

Experience nostalgic arcade racing with realistic physics, multiplayer, and destructible cars. Dive into diverse game modes for thrilling races, challenges, and practice sessions. Choose from high-performance race cars and muscle cars, each with unique handling characteristics.
Race through renowned cities like London, Paris, and New York, featuring recognisable landmarks. Compete locally in split-screen multiplayer and challenge online leaderboards for bragging rights.

This Special Edition contains 2 exclusive stickers, 6 new themed tracks, reversed variants of all tracks, vehicle stats display and gameplay improvements.


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