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Gigantosaurus: Dino Sports - PlayStation 5

Age 3
On your marks for The Giganto Games, a roar-some sports party for up to four little dinos! These chomp-sized challenges are really enormous fun – and you never know when Giganto might stomp into the action!

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Take control of dino-buddies Mazu, Rocky, Bill and Tiny and compete in the wildest sports you've ever played. Race across rocky deserts by hang glider, speed through icy glaciers in your bobsleigh, go target shooting with your berry blaster in the tropical jungle, and lots more. You can even become the mysterious Giganto himself, in the smash-and-charge challenge "Giganto Mayhem"!
With lots of game modes you can create your own tournaments, take on AI opponents, or get the gang together for a split-screen party. Can you earn the most medals and win the Super Giganto Pineapple, before naughty Cror and Totor sneak away with it? You'll have dino-mite fun finding out!
• IT’S PARTY TIME! – Race, fly and blast through eight dino-style games.
• VISIT GIGANTO’S WORLD – With colourful 3D animation inspired by the show.
• MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM – Up to four players can compete in split-screen mode.
• CREATE NEW CHALLENGES – Build your own Giganto Games events.
• PLAY AS YOUR FAVES – Control dino buddies Mazu, Rocky, Bill and Tiny.

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