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Gravity Circuit - PlayStation 5

Age 7

Gravity Circuit is a flashy action packed 2D platformer in the spirit of console classics. Follow Kai, a lone operative war hero who harnesses the mysterious powers of the Gravity Circuit, on an adventure in a futuristic world inhabited by sentient robots.

In a futuristic world populated by sentient robots, its inhabitants are once more threatened by an old foe, the Virus Army. Defeated decades ago, it has re-emerged from the shadows with a unique goal, complete world domination. Severely weakened Guardian Corps are left with no other choice but to call upon a hero of the previous war: the lone operative, Kai, who harnesses the powers of the mysterious Gravity Circuit. As the world’s last line of defence, journey through futuristic environments, and take down the evil mastermind behind this chaos. 

By channelling your energy into devastating punches, perform satisfying combos. Stages are packed with secrets and innocent civilians alike. Uncover and rescue them, and unlock new powers. Each with their unique set of mechanics, your platforming and combat skills will be tested against a lot of enemies and bosses! Go through 12 levels to the rhythm of the frenzied music of Dominic Ninmark.

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