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Release Date: 29-10-2024
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Life Is Strange: Double Exposure - PlayStation 5

Age 16
Life Is Strange: Double Exposure - Max Caulfield, photographer-in-residence at the prestigious Caledon University, discovers her closest new friend, Safi, dead in the snow. Murdered. To save her, Max tries to Rewind time – a power she’s not used in years… instead, Max opens the way to a parallel timeline where Safi is still alive, and still in danger!

Max realizes the killer will soon strike again – in both versions of reality. With her new power to Shift between two timelines – can Max solve and prevent the same murder? Max is thrust into a thrilling supernatural murder mystery – more dangerous than ever before!
Forge allies and pursue suspects across two versions of reality, shaping both timelines through unforgettable choices. A relentless detective has Max in his sights, and Safi’s killer grows closer with every clue uncovered. Can Max survive long enough – to do the impossible? Explore two versions of a vivid winter campus, each packed with clues, secrets, and tough decisions. A rich original score, new songs, and thrilling licensed tracks!

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