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PlayStation Link USB Adapter - PlayStation 5

PlayStation Link USB Adapter -  Multiple PlayStation Link™ USB adapters make it easier for players to enjoy a lightning-fast, lossless audio connection on more of their devices.

Simply pair your PULSE Elite™ wireless headset or PULSE Explore™ wireless earbuds to both USB adapters, and then insert one into your PS5® console and the other into your PC or Mac. Once set up, you can effortlessly switch between compatible devices without having to unplug and move the adapters.

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Never miss a beat
Multiple PlayStation Link™ USB adapters make It easier for players to
enjoy a lightning-fast, lossless connection on more of their devices.

Seamless switching
Switch between compatible devices with ease.

Lightning-fast speed
Secure a stable, ultra-low latency connection so your audio keeps up with even the most fast-paced on-screen action.

Lossless audio
Thanks to lossless technology, players can enjoy the convenience of a wireless connection without missing a single audible detail. Surround yourself in atmosphere-shaping, subtle sound effects, and pick up on crucial audio cues that warn you of approaching enemies.

Simple set-up
Get gaming by simply inserting the adapter and pairing your headset or earbuds.
No need to download any specific PlayStation Link™ software or drivers.

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