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STEALTH SP-C160 V Premium Gaming Station (White)

STEALTH SP-C160V All-in-One Charging Dock, Headset Stand and Gaming Headset for PS5.

The SP-C160V Gaming Station for PS5 is the perfect solution for storing all of your PlayStation 5 gaming accessories in one place. Keep your Gaming Headset, charging cables and wireless controllers charged, safe and tidy. It also features a Play & Charge cable just in case you forget to charge your controller and still want to play. This gaming station comes with a matching C6-100 Gaming Headset, a Headset Stand, USB charging cable and a rechargeable battery pack.

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Enhance your gaming experience with All-in-One!

Single Charging Dock:
Simple and easy-to-use Charging Dock for one PS5 DualSense controller. Just place the controller on the dock and your controller will charge, even when the console is on standby. Comes with a Play & Charge cable so you're always ready to jump into the action. Powered by USB with an LED indicator makes set up super-easy and lets you know how much charge you've got so you don't run out mid-game.

Gaming Headset:
Premium speakers with soft, plush foam leatherette ear cups provide excellent, immersive sound quality and long-lasting comfort for a better gaming experience. Ultra-lightweight, adjustable headset frame with flexible mic and durable braided cable ensures a perfect fit for an enhanced gaming session. Game/chat volume control with mute integrated into the headset means fine-tuning your sound is just at your fingertips.

Headset Stand:
Display your Gaming Headset and cable safe and neatly in one place. Take a break from gaming, streaming or working by easily storing your headset on your PlayStation-themed stand.

Station Base:The base is perfect for keeping your Gaming Headset, Charging Dock, cables and controller, charged and ready to go. Keeps it safe and tidy and damage-free. Integrated cooling vents prevent any excessive heat from devices.