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Summer Sports Games

Age 3
Be a champion!

Master the athletic competition with intuitive and realistic movements. Who will finish on the podium?

Choose your avatar and beat the AI in five exciting tournaments with increasing difficulty. In local multiplayer mode, up to four people can play against each other. Depending on the discipline, it is played either one after the other or simultaneously on a split-screen. In addition, players can choose their own discipline selection and multiplayer mode assemble order. The perfect game for fun parties and entertaining family evenings!  

4K Ultra HD graphics on PS5.

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Be a champion!

12 Action-Packed Sports:

• Javelin Throw

• Hammer Throw

• Shot Put

• Archery

• 100m Run

• 400m Hurdles

• 800m Run

• Relay

• Long Jump

• High Jump

• Pole Vault

• Weightlifting

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