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8Doors: Arums Afterlife Adventure - Switch

Age 7

8Doors is Metroidvania style 2D Action/Platformer game based on Korean afterlife world view.

Explore 8 different areas of purgatory by becoming the main character ‘Arum’. Solve the mystery of happening in purgatory through fight against the specter and lead fugitive souls to the right path.

The fascinating world of after death of The Orient. All Characters drawn by hand 2D frame by frame animation. Korean traditional fork tale based background concept and characters. Using only 3 colour white/black/red to show our world.
Though battle with combo attack and dodge. More than 30 species of specters and 12 species of boss specters with unique patterns. Abilities, Passive skills and 7 weapons. 

Includes a double-sided poster in the box.

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