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Release Date: 17-09-2024
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Balatro Special Edition - Switch

Age 18

Balatro Special Edition Includes 10 physical versions of the in-game cards. A poker-inspired roguelike deck builder all about creating powerful synergies and winning big. Balatro is a poker-inspired roguelike deck builder all about creating powerful synergies and winning big. The poker roguelike. Balatro is a hypnotically satisfying deckbuilder where you play illegal poker hands, discover game-changing jokers, and trigger adrenaline-pumping, outrageous combos.

Endless Possibility. Combine valid poker hands with unique Joker cards in order to create varied synergies and builds. Earn enough chips to beat devious blinds, all while uncovering hidden bonus hands and decks as you progress. You’re going to need every edge you can get in order to reach the boss blind, beat the final ante and secure victory. 

Features: The definitive poker roguelike experience. Every pick-up, discard and joker can dramatically alter the course of your run. In-depth campaign mode complete with 5 difficulties, as well as challenge, daily and seeded runs. Different Decks, Jokers, Tarot cards, Planet cards, Spectral cards, and Vouchers. Use these versatile instruments to ignite a combo frenzy and turbocharge your poker hands, crafting electrifying, adrenaline-fueled synergies. 150 Jokers, each with their own unique abilities.  15 Decks with distinct modifiers to choose from for each run. 5 Potential variants of each Joker which add further abilities. 22 Tarot cards variants that can enhance your regular playing cards. 11 Planet cards that help level up your possible poker hands. 32 Voucher cards to help provide permanent buffs for your current run!

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