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Croixleur Sigma

Age 12

Croixleur Sigma - Wielding magic blades, four girls fight back successive waves of monsters in this exhilarating hack-and-slash action game! There are various battle styles and you can mix and match 4 weapons to form your own playing style.


Story mode centres on the charming friendship of the girls, fully voiced in Japanese. You can also play your heart out in Score Attack, Challenge mode, weapon switching Dungeon mode and many more! Includes many accessories such as Cat Ears, Spectacles, Headphones, to make your gal look stylish and perk up your skills for battle.


A variety of battle styles which you can mix and match. Four characters to unlock and play through their stories in Story Mode. A variety of different modes to play to your hearts content. Unique special attacks for each character. Character customisation with combat boosts tied to various items. Collectable swords with their own unique attacks.

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