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Flashback - Switch

Age 12

2142. After fleeing from a space ship but stripped of all memory, the eminent scientist Conrad B. Hart, awakens on Titan, a colonised moon of the planet Saturn, his enemies and kidnappers snapping at his heels.

He must find a way back to Earth while defending himself against the dangers he encounters, and unravel an insidious extra-terrestrial plot that threatens the planet…

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Rediscover this classic, consistently ranked among the top 100 games since its release years ago! One of the first games to use motion capture technology for more realistic animations, it has fully hand-drawn backgrounds and a genuinely gripping science-fiction storyline.

Game Features:
•    Revamped graphics
•    A completely remastered soundtrack
•    A “Rewind” function, with limits corresponding to the level of difficulty
•    A new save-game system
•    The original 1992 version of the game!

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