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Fun! Fun! Animal Park (Download Code in Box) - Switch

Age 3

Fun! Fun! Animal Park (Download Code in Box) - Fun! Fun! Animal Park offers players a roaringly delightful collection of 30 animal-themed mini-games that promise fun (fun) for kids - and kids at heart - of all ages! Enjoy a zoo-full of animal fun, playing exciting mini-games with your family and friends to see who's the king of the jungle.

From meerkats to pandas to penguins, Fun! Fun! Animal Park hosts a full menagerie of cute and cuddly animals that makes the game as much fun to watch as it is to play. Adorable bunny and lion mascots help players learn the controls and rules of the mini-games via an endless stream of hilarious conversation.

Tour Mode - players are guided through Animal Land and compete to find the champion. One Match Mode - compete in your favourite game. Solo Mode - work to break your own record and achieve the highest score!

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