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Game Builder Garage

Age 7
Learn to make games from the minds at Nintendo

Ever wanted to make your own 3D platformer, high-speed racing game, or side-scrolling alien blaster? Bring your ideas to life with Game Builder Garage for Nintendo Switch, a fun way to make your own games.

Learn the basics of programming logic step-by-step in a fun and interactive way, then use what you’ve learned to create your own games and share them with the world!

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Learn to make games from the minds at Nintendo.

Meet the Nodon
Game Builder Garage features delightful characters called Nodon. Each one has its own personality and role to play inside your game. Whether it’s getting a character to jump when you hit a button, setting the mood with some funky music, or cranking up the gravity to 11, there’s a Nodon for that!

Learn by doing!
Starting off with the absolute basics, you’ll move on to more advanced concepts as you meet more Nodon and power up your programming prowess!

Unleash your creativity!
Give it a personal touch using the editing tools to add drawings and music to your masterpiece. You can even connect multiple games together to create something bigger – the possibilities are endless!

Share the fun
Game Builder Garage lets you share your games with friends and family locally, or online* by sharing the Game ID or your Programmer ID. Have fun and get inspired as you play, copy, modify and re-share each other’s creations!