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Release Date: 02-08-2024
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Harvest Days - Switch

Age 3

Harvest Days your dream of a new beginning comes true. A life on your own little piece of land, surrounded by friendly animals and cheerful neighbours is becoming a reality. Take over a small, forgotten farm and become one with nature.

Care for the animals or tend to your garden. Harvest and trade your crops. Go fishing or explore the charming open world to uncover all its secrets. The sky is the limit! Are you ready? You decide how you develop your field of dreams. But don’t overwork yourself when you take care of the farm animals, plant a dozen different types of fruit trees or more than 50 different crops. Your farm, your choice. Go fishing at the lake, chat with your neighbours or take your horse for a ride through the scenic and wild nature. Relaxing is just as important as taking care of your farm. You decide how you unwind in this enchanted, untouched paradise.

Countless locations with bucketloads of secrets and surprises are waiting to be discovered, among them natural caves full of minerals, a temple ruin or a mysterious swamp. More than 40 activities and dozens of wild animals crossing your path will make sure that every excursion will deliver a unique experience. Become part of the village community and make new friends. Buy, sell and trade products with your neighbours and invest your profits to expand your farm.

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