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King of Fighters XIII: Global Match -Switch

Age 12

King of Fighters XIII: Global Match - Released in 2010 on arcade system, The King of Fighters XIII has established itself as one of the most popular episodes of the famous SNK series. Adored by fans around the world for its superb 2D realisation and complex game mechanics, this installment offers particularly intense fights with tight timing and a diabolical system of counter attacks. Fruit of all the know-how acquired by the Japanese company, the legendary masterpiece returns today in an ultimate version on Nintendo Switch and PS4!

Entitled the King of Fighters XIII: Global Match, SNK’s centrepiece offers an optimal experience on Nintendo Switch and PS4: netcode rollback for online play, lobbies, spectator features, imposing cast, numerous game modes. More than a decade after its initial release, the prodigy is back in an ultimate version that promises clashes of rare intensity. Round 1. Ready. Go! 

Over 30 playable fighters.; Take on players from all over the world in optimal conditions thanks to the “rollback” netcode.; Online game with netcode rollback.; Numerous games mode: lobbies, spectator features

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