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Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission - Day 1 Edt

Age 12
Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission is the remake of the first Rail Shooter which shaped the genre. Originally released for arcade in 1987, this new edition sticks to the DNA of the original game – breathtaking action atmosphere inherited from 80’s action movies, while offering a brand-new design and a leaderboard.

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A few months ago, a new criminal organisation appeared. In addition to their arms and drug trafficking, they have developed a super powerful weapon. After the discovery of several of the organisation’s camps led by the mysterious General Viper, two officers have been deployed to learn more about this dangerous weapon and free the hostages detained in the surroundings camps.
Key Features:
•    Remake of the iconic action game released for arcade in 1987
•    New artistic direction
•    Addition of voices in a parodic style
•    Gameplay with endless action
•    Campaign playable in solo or duo
•    Survival Mode: Confront waves of enemies
•    Arsenal of various weaponry (Uzi, Rifle, Grenade Launcher…)

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