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Ultra Wings

Age 3
Switch’s very own arcade style flight Simulator. Flight Simulator Level controls and physics in an open world Jam packed with fun locales, multiple aircraft and arcade style activities.

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Ultrawings is the ultimate hobbyist flight game

Key Features
Unique blend of Simulation and arcade. Pilot 4 distinct aircraft. Soar around 4 unique, beautifully stylized islands! Earn money to buy new airports and new vehicles! Lots of different gameplay activities! Adapted for the Switch with streamline gameplay, changes to UI and external chase cameras added for increased spatial awareness around the aircraft. There is actually an option to switch the gameplay to a more arcadey style You can also use free-flight to explore the islands at your leisure.

Unlock 4 different aircraft, each with its own unique characteristics:
The Ultralight is slow, but very maneuverable The Glidester is much faster due to its rocket-powered engine, but this engine can only be fired up once at a time and it’s easy to run out of fuel if you’re not careful The Blade 360 is the most balanced aircraft, being the most agile and also very speedy. The Gee Racer is all about speed

Ultrawings is the ultimate hobbyist flight game featuring multiple, arcade style actives: Rush has a set of rings that you must fly through. Focus on hitting the center of each ring in order to gain the most amount of points. Ring Course has smaller rings are laid out in a set path. Get every ring, and high landing accuracy to get the Gold rating Landing challenges are about getting as close to the center as possible. The Photo activities focus on accuracy, with the goal being to take pictures of landmarks using the tablet that’s built into each aircraft. Balloon Pop challenges place several balloons in an area that you must shoot down with darts before time runs out. Balloon Course is a combination of Balloon Pop and Ring Course where you have to fly through rings and shoot balloons before time runs out. Race activities are exclusive to the Gee Racer and have you flying through giant rings against other race aircraft.

The challenges really show off the game’s controls and the care in which Bit Planet Games have tuned the physics engine. Ultrawings uses a robust system of banks and yaw control to let seasoned players demonstrate their skills.

Playing through activities is essential to earning enough money to purchase new planes and airports. Each activity can be played with all the aircraft (though the Gee Racer is limited to only Ring Course and Race activities).