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WitchSpring3 [Re:Fine] The Story of Eirudy

Age 7
WitchSpring3 Re:Fine – The Story of Eirudy takes you deep into the Misty Forest, where the Witch Eirudy lives secluded from the rest of the world, only accompanied by her enchanted puppets.

Whilst hiding in her house in the forest, from the warriors who are out to hunt her, she continues her efforts to escape her loneliness by trying to make her puppets talk.

When one day she meets an adventurous young man named Adrian in the forest, Eirudy’s life changes as she is thrown into the tide that determines the fate of deities and humans. The adventure begins and leads you down to an entwined path between light and darkness – which patch will you choose?

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The enchanting adventure of Eirudy offers an exciting and captivating storyline, which players won’t want to put down.
The turn-based battle system and the individual characters that develop over time make the game a really beautiful adventure.
With Japanese voice actors, and text fully localized into English, the game is a stand-alone title in the Witch Spring Universe. It comes with new visuals and sound, very cute art style and loveable characters. And thanks to individual storyline choices, resulting in different endings and varied battle tactics, the game is worth playing through more than once.

• Intriguing storytelling 
• Loveable, colorful characters
• Tactical turn-based battles
• Evolving battle menu
• Unique Doll Summoning Battle System
• Choose between the dark and the light path 
• Post-game content