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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers - Gold Edition - Xbox Series X

Age 12
Welcome to the Brighton Police Department! Enjoy a comprehensive experience with the Gold Edition! This includes the main game, the brand-new Highway Patrol Expansion, and the Garage Bundle containing all previously published car DLCs.

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Join the police force of this fictitious American city and experience the day-to-day life of a Police Officer. Start by citing violations and issuing parking tickets, then work your way up to shouldering more responsibilities. Be a part of the community of Brighton, get to know your neighborhood, and handle the duties of daily police work as you fight crime during your shift. Always be tough, but fair: respect the law and gain more experience to unlock more neighborhoods, districts, and duties.
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers includes a dynamic traffic system that organically creates traffic flow and car accidents, as well as emergency situations that can randomly pop up during your shift. Be ready to react at a moment’s notice! In the Open World of Brighton, you will be able to choose neighborhoods for your patrols and help keep them safe. Patrol three unique districts, each home to several neighborhoods. Every single one has a distinct flair, from the high rises of Downtown to the historical buildings of Brickston.
Progressing and unlocking new districts also adds new duties. Begin by issuing tickets to illegally parked cars, but be prepared to handle accidents that may happen right in front of your eyes. In a living and breathing city, there are many different duties for you to encounter. Stop drug deals from being carried out in the local park, or chase graffiti sprayers illegally tagging walls. Be prepared for anything – even if it's just a car blocking a bus stop. Every duty is your responsibility.
Discover the Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: Highway Patrol Expansion and extend your patrol area! Explore the diverse surroundings and beauty of the wider State of Franklin as you engage in intense highway chases, deploy fast-paced PIT maneuvers to tactically stop fleeing suspects who are in violation of the law, and enjoy a more dynamic police simulation experience. The Brighton Police Department and its officers are now able to patrol the highway with exciting new assignments, new challenging tasks and responsibilities, and new tools, such as the spike strip and roadblock requests to stop fleeing carjackers.

INCLUDES: Main Game, Highway Patrol Expansion, and the Garage Bundle
OPEN GAME WORLD: 3 city districts, each with several neighborhoods
PLAY YOUR OWN WAY: Casual and Simulation game modes
GO ON PATROL: Single- and 2-player coop mode
WIDE RANGE of duties & responsibilities
PROGRESSION SYSTEMS for unlocking districts, cars, tools, and game modes

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