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Victrix Pro BFG Controller - Xbox Series X

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Victrix Pro BFG Controller - Step-up your gaming experience with the most advanced controller for PlayStation. Full customisation and top performance give players the edge with precision thumbsticks, triggers and buttons for PS5, PS4, & PC. Built for all kinds of gameplay, Left Module can be flipped 180 degrees to personalise your style of play. The Right Module can be swapped out for standard or fight pad style control.

The back of controller has a profile button with LED allowing you to map the back buttons and switch through the 3 profiles settings that can be stored on the controller.
Ready to travel, includes sleek durable carrying case that holds all your cables, modules, and extra pieces like USB-C cable (3m) and Module Customisation Tool to install and remove modules.
6-button fight pad module. Reversible D-Pad and analogue stick module.
Includes 14 swappable components to transform the controller to match your game and your play style.

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PS4 compatible.
PS5 compatible.
PC compatible.
Batteries required: 1 x rechargeable (included)

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